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Green Service Plan
Wood Fungus
Carpenter Bee Damage
Some pests issues can be controlled with one or two treatments as  others may need a service plan in place to maintain control. 

The best way to protect your family, pets and property from unwanted pests is to enroll into our Green Service Plan combined with our
Termite Baiting System for complete control.
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Carpenter Ant Damage
Wood Destroying Insect Solutions
Many types of Wood Destroying Insects can damage your home or business like Powder Post Beetles, Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants, Termites and Wood Fungus. 

We offer chemical free treatments to prevent and eliminate existing wood destroying insect issues using Borate Mineral Salt products followed by recommendations on how to improve conditions to reduce pests issues.
 Swarming Termites                           Termite Mud Tubes                                 Termite Workers  
Flying Termite & Ant Description 
Termite Damage
Are you ready to get started protecting your family, pets, home and business from pests?
Our Green Service Plan is designed to "Aid In The Reduction" of many unwanted pests on the exterior of your property using Green Products & Safe Methods often reducing the need for interior treatments using Nature-Cide products (Nature-Cide products shown on Home Page).

Interior and other treatment options are available upon request for an additional charge.  

*  Exterior treatments including removal of bee nests and webs (some restrictions may apply).
*  A text or email notice is given to you of an upcoming exterior service visit.
*  An invoice is sent by text or email that you may pay online (other options available).
*  Nature-Cide "Ready to Use" products are provided when you're on the go (see Home Page).

      We guarantee our services to properties that are free from pest harboring conditions.
Powder Post Beetle Damage
Termite Baiting System
Termites often go undetected until you have an outbreak of swarming
 termites or visible damage that can lead to costly repairs often not 
covered by your home owners insurance.  Termites cause over 5 Billion 
dollars in damage each year in the U.S. and we live in a high risk region 
in the state of Virginia.   

We have a "Green" approach in preventing and eliminating termites using 
Termite Baiting System which will not contaminate our environment 
including wells or other water ways on your property. 

Wood can be directly treated with a Borate Mineral Product to prevent 
and eliminate termites as well as other wood destroying insects. 

      Let us protect your home 
Green Products & Safe Methods
Green Products & Safe Methods