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We offer one time treatments to eliminate issues like bee nests or certain types of pests infestations.

The best way to protect your family, pets and property from unwanted pests is to enroll in our Green Pest Service Plan 
combined with our Termite Baiting System.
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Green Service Plan
Wood Fungus
Carpenter Bee Damage
Powder Post Beetle Damage
Powder Post Beetles            Termites              Carpenter Ants      Carpenter Bee          Wood Fungus
Carpenter Ant Damage
Wood Destroying Insect Solutions
Many types of Wood Destroying Insects can damage your home or business like Powder Post Beetles, Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants, Termites and Wood Fungus. 

We offer chemical free treatments to prevent and eliminate existing wood destroying insect issues using Borate Mineral Salt products followed by recommendations on how to improve conditions to reduce pests issues.
 Swarming Termites                      Termite Mud Tubes                             Termite Workers 
Flying Termite & Ant Description 
Termite Damage
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Are you ready to get started protecting your family, pets, home and business from pests?
Our Green Service Plan is designed to reduce many unwanted pests on the exterior of your property using Green Products & Safe Methods.  We use Nature-Cide products made from cedar wood oil blended with cinnamon designed to repel insects, mice and snakes away from your property often reducing the need for interior treatments.

Pictured above are some of the common pests covered within this service plan.

*  5 exterior services per year (every other month from March to December).
*  Text or email notice is given for an upcoming service visit.
*  An invoice is sent to your email that you may pay online.
*  We can supply you with Nature-Cide "Ready to Use" products when you're on the go.

We offer by request for an added charge interior treatments, seal the structure to keep pests out, inspect or treat crawlspace area, basements and attics (limits do apply).
Termite Prevention & Treatment
Termites often go undetected until you have an outbreak of swarming termites or visible damage that can lead to costly repairs often not covered by your home owners insurance.  Termites cause over 5 Billion dollars in damage each year in the U.S. and we live in a high risk region.  

Our Termite Baiting System allows us to monitor termite activity and
feed them eliminating their colonies.  Inner wall injections are applied
combined with Borate Mineral Salt applications.

Termite bait stations are safe, effective, chemical free and will not 
contaminate our environment including well water, streams or ponds. 

We would like to thank all of our customers for the continued support as we remember our son Kyle 
who passed away from a tragic auto accident on 
September 26, 2019.  

Kyle worked in our family business as an outstanding service technician for many years and three days before his passing, he received his Masters Degree in Pest Control Management from the State of Virginia which we were proud of Kyle to have achieved.

Kyle left behind his beautiful wife, two small children who adored him, a loving family and amazing friends.

                Kyle will forever be in our hearts!
Green Products & Safe Methods
Termite Baiting System
Sealing Up Structures Service
We can seal your home or business to keep pests from gaining entry inside.  This is the first step in pest prevention replacing door sweeps, garage door seals, sealing up holes in the foundation among other areas.  We do have limits on not climbing tall heights but we can recommend what may need to be done by a contractor.