Wood Destroying Insect treatments are offered to control termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and wood fungus.  
An inspection will determine if a treatment is needed that may include an extended warranty.
Special Services are offered to treat specific pest issues such as bees, fleas, ants, spiders to name a few.

Some pest issues can be treated with just one treatment while many pest require several treatments or a service plan to maintain control of future infestations.
  Powder Post Beetles                              Wood Fungus                
               Termites                                     Carpenter Ants 
 Carpenter Bee
 Our Annual Service Plan will protect your family, pets &     property from many common pest throughout the year! 
Annual Services are designed to reduce pest activity on your property and prevent pest from entering your home.  Services consist of treatments applied to the exterior of your property once every 3 months (Quarterly).  You do not have to be at home during service visits and payment for services can be made a year in advance with a discount or you may give us a debit/credit card to charge after each service completed.  Each service completed includes a detailed report showing treatments applied and  if any pest harboring conditions exist that need to be corrected to prevent future pest issues.
Areas treated include the foundation, around doors and windows, under overhangs and eves, porches and decks, lawn and landscaped areas, detached storage sheds and other key areas.  Spider webs and bee nest are removed.  All entry points are sealed to keep pest out of your home.

Interior and other services are available upon request that will require an additional charge depending on pest related issue and existing harboring issues present.