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Green Products & Safe Methods
Gutters not being cleaned out will provide breeding sites for mosquitoes, flies and other insects.  Standing water in a gutter will also attract wildlife animals looking to drink plus inviting them to chew their way into your attic or eves creating a much larger problem.  Water overflowing onto eves will cause wood rot leading to the attraction of insects or a wood pecker to eat the insects.  Keep gutters cleaned out, making sure they drain properly and installing gutter guards will help prevent issues.

Make sure down spouts are connected properly to channel away water from your property and make sure no standing water is left in lawn or landscaped areas.
Entry points that allow pests to gain entry into your home or business must be sealed and inspected often to maintain that these areas remain sealed.  We often find doors including garage door seals damaged, holes in foundations or vents, missing or damaged laundry vent covers, no chimney caps, utility lines entering a structure not sealed allowing pests to gain entry inside.  We offer service to seal minor issues.  
Removing excessive clutter is a must in preventing pest issues.  When you have boxes, bags of trash, items thrown around a structure or in the yard, firewood or scrap lumber, 
old vehicles or machinery laying around......insects, mice, rats, snakes and wildlife animals will be attracted to these areas causing you a pile of pests related problems.  

Keep your grass cut, remove excessive leaves and weeds, cut back tree limbs and shrubs from contact with your home or business, decrease the amount of vegetation will discourage wildlife animals from wanting to hang around your property.
Interior Excessive Clutter can be a major pest and health issue.
Keeping the interior of your home or business clean and free from excessive clutter will greatly reduce pests issues including spiders, ants, centipedes, fleas, dust mites, gnats, flies among other pests look for food or a place to live and multiply in numbers.  We recommend keeping all areas clean from splattered food, crumbs, spills, vacuuming or mopping floors, dusting, storing items in sealed plastic containers including food items in your pantry to reduce pest issues.
Nagy Pest Control wants to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by reducing pests related issues from around your home or business.  We aim to educate, recommend solutions and offer our services that will greatly reduce unwanted pests leading to prevention of future issues.

We soon will be making videos on this topic to show more detail about why it is important to maintain your property to aid in the prevention of future pest issues.
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We love animals and do not want to cause harm to them, but we do recommend deterring wildlife animals from your property when possible to avoid any ongoing issues they may create.  Eliminate attractive items on your property like cutting back tree limbs away from your home, reduce vegetation around your home, fence in  gardens and compost piles, control insects and mice which can be a source for some wildlife animals, avoid feeding wildlife with bird seed, pet food or throwing out food around the exterior of your property that will attract wildlife.  

Even if you do all of these things mentioned above, you still may need a professional to deter, trap, remove or seal areas to prevent and control a wildlife issue.  We do not offer wildlife trapping or removal.
Please keep in mind that the Exclusion of Pests is the best way to deter them from wanting to hang around with repelling them as a second source of security. 
Green Products & Safe Methods
Wildlife Animals can be a major problem if they live or travel through your property.  Wildlife animals can transmit many types of diseases, bacteria, 
fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bite or attack your family including pets, damage 
your property including lawns, under porches or decks, trees and home.
Rodenticide Dangers
Together, we can prevent and maintain control of pests!
Rodenticides better known as "Mouse or Rat Bait or Poisons" including snail bait, mole and vole baits that may be in a form of gummy worms are extremely dangerous causing accidental poisoning to children, pets and wildlife animals each day.

These products can come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes designed to kill rodents, snails or target critters by shutting down vital body organs usually made from ingredients like blood thinners or high doses or Vitamin D3. 
Can you see the difference in rat bait versus rabbit food...neither can they! 
Rodents are made up of mice, rats, moles, voles, chip monks and squirrels.  These critters can cause extensive damage to your property and need to be handled in a safe, effective manner which is why we use repellents, exclusion tactics, sealing your home or business to keep critters out and trapping if necessary.
Mouse                                             Vole                                                      Mole
 Chip Monk                                          Rat                                              Squirrel
Nagy Pest Control "Does Not Use" dangerous rodenticides, snail baits or harmfully products to control critters but instead uses repellents, exclusion tactics, seal your home to keep critters out and if necessary, live traps.  

             We don't wish to harm these critters, just keep them away from your property.